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Apple Pencil 2.0 \ 8 ideas for the ultimate digital pencil.

I've had roughly a ten year history with apple now, I started using Mac when I was 16. Safe to say I was converted by mostly the user experience and quality of their products and in many ways their company ethos and morals. With the WWDC now past, although it was a good one and I would love to get my hands on the new 10 inch iPad, I was hoping to see more improvements to the Apple Pencil hardware. I know there were some software updates, which is cool, it has a few more little nifty features in notes and the lock screen, also the benefits of the new display with high refresh rate and less reflectivity. but just software updates did little to excite me. When the pencil first came out, I was excited, I predicted it 5 years prior to release, I knew apple would never make a stylus, but a pencil now thats a completely different story, the pencil for me is the most powerful tool in my arsenal. The Apple Pencil in its own right is a great pencil, the pressure is smooth at 1024 lvls, tilt and palm rejection, all is good. But in my opinion it could be soooo much better, so much more! The pencil is not just a drawing instrument, its a fully fledged tool, in the right hands it could conduct an orchestra.

Heres how,

1. user awareness, imagine if your pencil could distinguish whether it was you, your friend even your grandma who was using it. You could separate and view input into collaborated documents such as movies, drawings and notes (contextual)

2. multiple pencils on one device (video editing, collaboration drawing/painting, air drum sticks in garage band)

3. local notes, carry your notes with you in your pen.

4. A button... or two, yes the pencil has its pure slick design, but that doesn't mean it has no need for a button, I can. live without the eraser on top, but adding a custmisable button or two built into the apple pencil would make workflow a dream. It doesn't have to be a classic push button, I'm imagining more of a tap ribbon/zone setup with perhaps haptic feedback that wraps around the pencil, you could single tap to invoke an action or double tap to get a a quick menu, brush presets, colour palette etc, embedded Touch ID would be an ideal way to get into your cloud files on others hardware, 

5. Siri notes. Imagine if you could just speak memos to your pencil, you don't even need to get your iPad out but they would be available later.

6. measure more with sensors, what if you could use your pencil as a drumstick in garage band, to tap out a tempo or a rhythm. As a 3D brush, just imagine for a second if you could wave your pencil around and draw in thin air and the lines would appear in AR. With camera and sensor tracking the pencil could be orientated in space and hey presto, your painting in 3D! Or use your pencil with Apple TV and other apple devices. Open out the pencil platform, allow developers access..

7. Other colours! Product RED, jet black, c'moooon this ones a piece of cake and very disappointing not to see introduced at last weeks event.

8. Wireless charging, its not going to happen to the pencil until at least the 3rd iteration. Yet we all know, its a must and its coming, one day.

I realise that to maintain the current and essential form factor of the pencil, then some of these updates would involve huge tech advances in terms of battery and processing power/efficiency. Whilst on the subject of form, the pencil is comfortable to hold with great balance, however, and maybe its just my hands, the pen could be a hairs width thinner in my opinion.

All this said I cannot wait to see how the new iPad refreshes feel of the pencil, I'm most excited to see how the screen refresh rate smoothes the experience of drawing digitally. I don't see that happening other than in stores at the moment though unless I sell a painting or two! Does anybody know if apple does artist sponsorship?