Visit from a friend \ John Davies

I was lucky enough this week to have one of my best friends visit me from England. I worked and lived with John for over 2 years with the band Michael A Grammar. Despite being a self proclaimed realist, bordering pessimist, John is one of the sickest drummers I have met to this date. Behind a kit he embodies both monkey and machine.

During his visit he bought me a canvas and some paper as I insisted I make his portrait whilst he is here! 

I started with 2 charcoal sketches on my favourite B2 paper (50x70cm:200g). This allows me to warm up my arms, find the right lines and play with the composition of the piece before I commit to a canvas. 

I was pleased with how the 2 charcoal sketches came out and they really got me ready and set for the canvas. After 2 sittings the portrait is like so (below) however now John has left back to England I must continue to to work on the portrait without his presence, which to be honest, scares the shit outa me.

Tomass WaltonComment