made it out to Kali /

This weekend I finally visited the Lake Balaton! Balaton is Hungarys largest body of contained water and the biggest lake in Central Europe. Turns out that the reflection of light of the water mixed with the volcanic remnents in the soil make for great grape growing conditions, which has naturally culminated in a thriving wine community with a vast network of wineries and cellars (pince).

Unfortunately I was not visiting to draw the landscape and that in itself would have brought difficulties as the wind was raging & unrelenting. Next time I go, I will most definitely paint there. The spring greens were rich and the flowers in fully saturated blossom. The winds made the mountain grasses turn to fine fur as the highlights of the grass swept across the sloping planes. The atmospheric perspectives over a mountainous landscapes facing into a misty sun leave little to the imagination. I could go on...

Although I didn't draw/paint the landscapes, I did manage to find time for my pens. I worked on a logo for an up and coming party in Holland, keep your eyes peeled for "Jungle Allure".

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